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To thank those who gave me the opportunity, to become the best I could be.

My beautiful wife,

  My wife is my best friend.  She is always with me.  We share our dreams for the future.  I trust her completely.  And she is a wonderful mother to my boys.  She never stops working.  And she is always trying to help others.  She teaches my boys right from wrong, and makes everyday chores fun.  You truly are, a gift from God.

   Carissa,  I love you.

Greg Schoen

   He is the owner of a Machine Shop in Wakarusa Indiana.  I started working there 1 month before my 21st birthday.  I worked there for almost 10 years.  Throughout that time, Mr. Schoen gave me the opportunities to learn and do all the aspects of manufacturing.  He had me trained to set-up CNC lathes and Mills.  He put me in the tool room, for 2 yrs, where I was taught by the tool maker, on fixture design and manual machining.  He trained me on robotic welders.  Then on Brake Press tooling design.  After all of that, he put me in charge of new product developement.  He paid for a lot of my schooling.  And he even found me a wife.  :-)

   When I worked there, and people would ask me what I did for a living.  My answer was...  "I work for a great man.  Greg Schoen.  He is very intelligent.  He can think outside and inside the box.  He is not afraid to come out in the shop and get dirty and help fix problems.  But he also is an excellent business man.  And above all, he is a good person.  I am proud to work for him."

  Thanks Greg.

Bob Pickett

   When I worked at Lycro Products.  Bob Pickett was the CNC supervisor.  He trained me on CNC programming and the physics of machining.  He took me under his wing, and gave me an education that few people have ever had the opportunity to get.  I was able to sit beside him, while he processed and programmed thousands of jobs.  And I was able to ask questions and he taught me why he did the many things he did.  He was able to pass on to me decades of experience...  I am indebted forever to him.

   But he taught me far more than just machining.  He also taught me managing people.  He always was teaching me.  He was willing to give me good examples and bad examples on how to manage empoyees. 

   I wouldn't be who I am, if it wasn't for Bob.

  Thank you sir.

John Jessen.

  John Jessen is the owner of Jessen Manufacturing in Elkhart Indiana.  He hired me in August of 2006.  He also gave me an opportunity, to become all I could be.  He put me in charge of his little CNC department.  We had 6 Okuma lathes.  I had 3 set-up men.  He allowed me to buy the tools we need.  He trusted me, when I wanted to reprocess jobs, even when he disagreed.  And he allowed me to make mistakes.  And then he would trust me again.  He gave me a lot of responsibility and I learned so much working for him.  I will always remember fondly working at Jessen Manufacturing, and doing the "Smart Stuff" with Mr. Jessen.  The history of that place is amazing.  They still have a few Acme screw machines that they were given, by the federal government, during WWII.

   Mr. Jessen always treated me fair.  And he gave me a lot of freedoms, that I didn't always deserve.

Thank you Mr. Jessen.

   As a side note, both of my boys were born to me, while I was employeed at Jessen's

Pastor David Harper

   I have been going to Bible Baptist Church for many years.  I have learned so much from Pastor Harper.  Much of what I have learned, has been from watching him.  I have seen, how to love the sinner, and hate the sin. 

   And I learned to love America, while I sat and listened to his preaching.  I have learned to be kind but speak the truth.

  Thank you sir.

Gannon Clark,

   Gannon is the owner and founder of Millennium Machinery.  They sell Citizen Swiss Machines.  I met him back in 2013 when I tried to buy a used machine.  We talked for a few hours, and then when it came down to business, he asked me how much money I had.  I told him and he laughed at me.  He said, "You don't need a machine, you need a job.  Come work for me for a few years.  And then start your own shop."  And that is what I have done.

  Gannon is the best boss I have ever had.  He is a motivating, driven man.  With a lot of compassion.  I have seen him forgive many things to his own hurt.  In order to help out his "guys."  That type of leadership fosters tremendous loyalty.  At least it does in myself.  I love this man, "No Homo."

  He is also gifted in business and especially sales.  I have learned so much working for him.  Thank you Gannon for allowing me to do the best I can.  And thanks for being who you are.

My dad,

   For my entire life he has been a great role model.  He taught me to work hard, and to never give up.  I'll never forget the time I told him, "He would never get that big tree limb through the gate."  He just smiled and said, "Don't ever tell me I can't do something."  Then he gave a loud tribal scream, and charged with the branch, time and time again...  Until he busted through...

    I love you dad


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